Dumped, new date, blown off twice by new date – all in one week..

Turns out my gut was right…

It was so awesome being told, IN A PHONE CALL THAT I HAD TO INITIATE, that “there is a disconnect that I can’t put my finger on so I don’t want to see you anymore”.

Jesus dude – have some class and have a coffee with me and tell me it’s been a slice but you’re just not interested anymore.  So I sent him this nice email with the subject line “This is kind of funny…”

“So you come up as the top match when I search on Match.com lol!  It made me laugh out loud.  I appreciate your honesty with me.  Although it is a bit of a blow to my ego!!  You are right about the disconnect, I think we are just in two very different places in our lives and it would be a difficult gap to try and bridge.  You are a great guy, I like you and you deserve someone who is going to make you really happy – I truly hope you find that.  I would like to remain friends with you.  I had fun hanging out with you and there are no hard feelings on my part at all. I do need to get my cowgirl hat back though as I forgot it on Sunday.  Let me know when is a good time to pick it up or you can drop off – whatever works.  xo”

Classy of me I thought.  Yet no response.  So I called him and he was all taken aback and I told him point blank that I am totally fine with the whole thing and would like to be friends but if he didn’t want to that’s fine but I want my hat back.

Still no  hat back.

Enough of this guy though, he’s history and as my lovely friend told me “he will be back sucking up to you in a few months because seriously how is that guy ever going to find someone as hot as you to go out with”.  I have nice friends.

Immediately upon being dumped I contacted a guy who I blew off on Match.com and we went out that very same night.  I couldn’t believe my good luck when I walked into the bar and there sat this totally gorgeous man who looked way, way better than his photos.  We had a wonderful time.  I confess to some slutty behavior.  He texted and called me the next day (Thursday) to ask me if I would go out for dinner on Friday.  I said certainly.  Friday morning I get a phone call cancelling the date.  Why I ask?  BECAUSE HE IS HAVING DINNER WITH HIS EX WITH A VIEW TO GETTING BACK TOGETHER!!!  It was such a kill me now moment – I did not see that coming at all.

It gets better.  Late Friday night I get a text asking if he could call me.  I texted back there’s nothing to talk about.  He calls.  He apologizes profusely.  Tells me he’s sitting across from his ex and he feels nothing, nothing at all for her and all he can think about is me.  He begged me to give him another chance and asked me if I would go out for dinner the next night.  I relented, against my better judgement, but he is so hot and good looking.

And just when you think you can’t possibly get dicked around anymore than you have in in one week, I get a text Saturday morning that his dog is sick and he has to cancel dinner and he’s really sorry and blah blah blah.

So guess who is still texting me and calling me.  Let’s call him “sick dog boy, or SDB for short.  Yes, yes he is.  He texted me yesterday apologizing.  He called me twice today.  And is enquiring about any other dates I may be going on this week which are NONE OF HIS BUSINESS.

He wants to go out again.  I told him I didn’t see that was likely.  Really, I am not going to relent – I think it’s a new record being dumped by my boyfriend, then blown off twice in two days by the same guy.  It’s a good thing I have a good sense of humour….


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