That was just weird…

Ahhh….. despite my best intentions, I let some guy, who seemed vaguely interesting, suck me into a stupid vortex of idiocy…

We texted Sunday night.  (Let’s refer to him as Sunday Guy “SG”)  He was actually pretty funny and engaging on text.  I was mildly hopeful.  I meet at the prearranged time, but no guy showing up commenting on my new hot boots. Just when I am paying my wine bill (which I have to say, Freeman’s on Quinpool Road are just amazing) I get a text from SG saying he hadn’t heard back from his text earlier in the day confirming our meeting, so he assumed I had moved on to something else on POF.

Well, clearly I didn’t get the text or I wouldn’t be sitting in Freeman’s on a Monday night with my new hot boots, waiting for some guy who didn’t realize it may be a good idea to actually call me.  When he did arrive and sat down beside me, it was immediately apparent that the guy is a bit of a slob.  I love blue collar but holy shit does your breath have to smell bad enough that I pass you a piece of gum and tell you that you need it??

But the best part of all was when my daughter called and SG wanted to talk to her.  When he passed the phone back to me, all my girl could say was “Mom, he’s so weird, leave immediately and go home”.  I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned, but I really love that girl.

She is a bit over dramatic there, but I get her point.

To make a long, excruciating and boring story shorter, I got three big wines, onion rings, fried pepperoni and some kind of really great dip SG ordered, so at least I got fed, and with some really greasy food. There will be no second date.

God I love being single.(picture voice dripping with sarcasm)


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