Oh the fun never ends : )

Just a little update on the Sunday Guy (SG).  I actually should have called him the BBG (Bad Breath Guy).  When we left Freeman’s, it was clear, clear, clear that I was never seeing or speaking to him again.  How else can you take “nice to meet you, good luck with your search”?

But, I got a stupid text from him last night:  “I smile when I think of you, you are a goo woman.  I hope you find what seek” .  Really, how articulate.  I wonder if he actually thought I’d respond.  Delete!

So after that horrible Monday night meeting, I received a text from Sick Dog Guy (SDG) who was away on business.  Then he called me and we arranged to have a date last night.  This was actually my idea re the date.  I told him he had one last and final chance to redeem himself, and if he didn’t show up at my house promptly at six on Tuesday night, with good wine and a plan to take me somewhere nice to eat, he should delete me from everything as I was NEVER speaking to him again.

I receive a text at 5:43:  “I’m having a bit of an issue.  You’ll understand when I get there.  I’m going to be just a few minutes late.  Going as fast as I can.”  Being the magnanimous person I am, I told him to take his time and not worry about it.  So, he showed up with a big band aid type of thing covering his head as he cut his head shaving lol.  I know it’s not funny, but it’s kind of endearing that he was trying to be on time and stick to the deal and he rushed so much shaving his head that he had some serious bleeding going on.  He did arrive with two lovely bottles of wine.  And a plan for a nice restaurant.

But I was having a really bad period yesterday and felt like crap and even though I pulled it together and looked awesome, I’d just as soon he’d have cancelled so I could crawl in the bath with a good book.  I did tell him this.  We had a period discussion which evolved into an IUD discussion.  He was very solicitous with me, but I am pretty sure he was having a “Kill me now” moment at that point..  We went out, it was really fun and he is a lovely man.

We landed up back at my place for a night cap.  But I was really done in and not feeling the best and told him I had to go put my pajamas on and go to bed.  Now, I find this guy really hot, (although his kissing could improve, but that’s not a deal killer as pretty easy to fix that).  And considering I already had a slutty moment with him, you can imagine how bad I was feeling to actually say this.

In the interests of full disclosure, otherwise, what is the point of writing this, he tucked me in, crawled in to bed with me, gave me a back rub and left very, very sexually frustrated at about six in this morning.  I really did think it was very sweet of him that he kept his paws off me and he has gone way up in my books now because of that.  Plus he texted me several times today to see how I was feeling.

Now on the other end of the spectrum of POF and Match.com, I am receiving so many emails and requests for meeting that it’s crazy.  I have not yet contacted one person myself – it’s all incoming emails.  I’m really loving the ones from people who I email back and say vague things like “yes, maybe we can meet next week” and then I forget and it doesn’t happen as no firm plans were made, just a general expression of maybe, and I get a response like this back:  “I was beginning to wonder if you were setting things up only to intentionally let me dangle.  That would be pretty rude.”


So, I’m taking the night off, having an early night and reading my book.  I can’t stand to look another man at the moment..

I want to thank my lovely, lovely friends who are giving me good advice on my quest to find the perfect man for a relationship.  A couple of their tidbits:

My hairdresser who I have been going to for 17 years and she is so awesome:  “Look, just go out with that other guy you met – the one you thought was really nice and normal.  Nice doesn’t mean boring.  Things can grow.  And nice doesn’t mean he’s not good in bed.  You have to have a second date and give him a chance. He could grow on you.”  I’m listening to her.  She used to have a preference for “bad” men like me, and now she’s so happy and content with a nice man, you can see it written all over her face.

My awesome friend I met in 1998 and we had a weekend on a boat with a guy who only ate fries, but that’s a whole other story:  “Ok now is the time to enact all the caveman rules I taught you.”   I hardly know where to begin to do that as have been doing the opposite for too many years but that girl knows what she’s doing because she bagged herself an amazing husband.

Who knew I’d have this much to learn at my age for crying out loud.


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