A few of the better emails I’ve received

I’m mostly deleting every single thing on POF that I receive.  But there are a couple of good ones, besides the cavemen who can only think to write “Hi” or “Hey” or “You’re sexy” and think I’ll actually respond.

Here are a couple of my favourites:

“if it were not that you have to work
and if our ages were closer
i’d be that man your looking for
we would make a great pair,
think you would like my lifestyle an esp my house on the bay
man you look perky an great”  From 70 year old NS Man.

Hmm, do you think he thought I’d in any way, shape or form find that email attractive.  He has been relegated to the trash.  Plus I just have this really icky image in my mind of him looking at my photos and doing something nasty.

I thought this one was a bit classier:

“You are very cute … a doll to be exact. I like the idea of an uncomplicated relationship and a woman who has some independence. Don’t worry about our age difference because, if you get to know me, you will realize why …. and you will get a lot of extra experience, financial security and perhaps, some extra wisdom thrown in along with more energy than most in their 30’s …yes …. that kind too.  I hope to hear from you,”

I did actually respond to this 71 year old to let him know I would just feel like I’d be using him if I took him up on his offer.

Going out with a girlfriend this evening to get caught up.  I’m starting to feel tired and cranky about the thought of even making an effort to go and meet a man.  I’m finding this all hard to keep up with!!!

Well, maybe not too tired and cranky as on match.com very, very handsome man with a Harley has been corresponding with me and I think I may just muster up enough energy to go meet him if he offers it up : )



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