One nice man, 2.5 days and 5 meals..

Ah, it’s been a stunningly great couple of days : )

A very handsome man I met in Toronto in March and have kept in touch with got into Halifax on Thursday.  So HGFT (Hot guy from Toronto) arranged before he got here that we would get together for dinner on Thursday night.  I thought it was a fabulous idea, and thank God for getting dumped a couple of weeks ago or I wouldn’t have bothered as this man is smoking hot guy with one of those magnetic personalities.  I suppose you would either love him or hate him, and I’m definitely not in the hate him category.

All I can say is we had SO MUCH FUN!!!  It was just what I needed.  He is really big guy (not fat, just physically way taller and really built from weight lifting) and he treated me like an absolute princess.  It was so nice to be wined, dined, complimented, called honey and sweetheart, and to walk around with this handsome man.

So, so good for the ego : )

I could definitely have a do-over of this.

And on the other nice man side, SDG called me to see what I was up to and is popping by tonight to watch some tv with me and have a drink of wine.

And even more nice guy stuff – I have a date on December 4th with a man from Vancouver I’ve never met but have been texting for a couple of months (a mutual friend put us in touch with each other – she is convinced we will get along really well, so I guess we’ll see).  This guy sent me flowers, beautiful and expensive flowers that were delivered to my office when I was going through the process of negotiating my severance.  So, you have to think there is some kind of good potential here…

Ah, my first post of how men DON’T suck lol.



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