Time to stop ROCing and get down to finding a job…..

Today I just knew it was time to stop River of Crapping and get down to business when:

1. Someone I was supposed to meet tonight who seemed very entertaining, although not a good romantic match (which I reiterated twice to him as he is an environmentalist type and I have a gun license and like to hunt) who really thought we should meet, emailed me this morning to confirm and then emailed me again at 4:30 to tell me he had thought about it and decided we wouldn’t be a good long term match.  Like, wtf buddy, that’s what I told you twice!!  I thought we were just meeting to have some drinks and a laugh.  I have many theories as to what happened here, the main one being that I really have to stop getting into email exchanges with strangers regardless of how literate and entertaining they are – it’s all just a total time suck.

2.  This is what came up as my top match today on the ugly ROC cousin, Match.com.  Note, this is extremely ugly looking pervert type with “Nailergood” as his user name (I did NOT make that up):

Looking for friends &fun with good genuine ladies who are thoughtful who’d like to be with someone who is of the same mind .I want to be with someone who’s humble and honest,compassionate and knows how to cook.  I like a good game of pool with good friends.

Someone on Match.com needs to tell me how anyone viewing and reading my profile, would think this guy could in any way, shape or form be a good match for me.

KILL ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think it is starting to become clear that I should focus on areas where I will be successful, like my career, where I at least have a track record of being able to succeed.

The man thing, not so much!


One thought on “Time to stop ROCing and get down to finding a job…..

  1. There is a guy on Youtube who you might want to watch. His name is Jon and runs a site called Hug Nation. You might want to watch his Crap or Cone videos. Your River of Crapping reminded me of this.

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