Still unemployed, still single and still no clue : )

To say last weekend was fun would be a complete understatement. I spent it on an island that I will not name as I don’t want everyone finding out about the place and thinking it’s a good idea to go there : )

I hung with three fantastic guys that I’ve known for years. There were guns, copious amounts of liquor,  and a three day party involved (no guns and liquor at the same time though!).  All the bunnies are safe, although I did shoot a tree.  I was assured there is nothing hotter than a woman wearing hunter orange and carrying a gun – you have to like friends who can bullshit like that with a straight face.  I laughed and laughed and laughed until my face hurt and I literally cried I laughed so hard.  The food was fantastic, the weather was incredible and I met some of the most interesting people you’re ever going to meet in this province.  I left on Sunday afternoon with a smile on my face and a heart filled with gratitude that I have people in my life like that.

I have been putting a lot of effort in on the job hunting front as well.  Attended a conference, went to a bunch of meetings, and have made it known to pretty much everyone I have ever done business with that I’m unemployed.  This is a crap load of work trying to find a job let me tell you.

Have another meeting this week to potentially start some training in a line of work completely unrelated to what I’m doing now.  However, there is the potential for a whole lot of money to be made (yes, it’s something legal and no it is not Mary Kay or Amway or anything like that) and surprisingly, no one really knows about the field or would consider it to be all that lucrative.   So, once I suss this out a bit more and if it turns into an actual money making thing for me, I will be more forthcoming with details.

I’m still keeping busy with the ROCing.  Well, not busy, but holy I’m wildly entertained and the wingnuts contacting me are unbelievable – from the completely inarticulate, completely stupid, to the nasty.  The top two of the past week:

1. Hope you don`t mind me whacking to this photo, hahaha

Seriously dude.  Did you seriously just email me and tell me that?  I felt like taking a shower after I read that and now can’t get the thought out of my head that this guy is actually doing that with my photos.  Gross, gross, gross…..

2.  Typically I am not loss for words; actually I am a bit nervous in some ways. Knowing our intents are a bit different, maybe there may be some common grounds even for a friendship. Would you be interested in a mutual meeting in a common place, maybe for a short walk or talk sometime this weekend coming?  I know this is probably not right but would you consider maybe at the XXXXXXXX (Editorial note:  it’s a remote location outside of the city)  as this weekend is mine to work. But meeting you would be no problem. I can show you around the property and explain some of the history, maybe a tour of the greenhouses too.  No pressure, just thought you might like to see some fall colors and natural gardening.    If you don’t mind me offering a music suggestion to try.  Please try —-You tube: Ed Alleyne Johnson – Clocks -Offered by Mostricino.  Ed plays solo and is one of the best with an electronic violin in Chester and York. Excellent for a one man show! If you are brave please try Gregorian – The Unforgiven.

Okay – is this not the most bizarre email you have ever read?  Did this guy actually think I would drive to his workplace out in the middle of nowhere and hang out with him for the day????  And what’s with the music tips?  This guy is clearly a complete and utter wingnut to be avoided at all costs.

I did go out on two dates this week.  One guy, who thinks he’s the hottest thing in the world and he’s not really (I mean he is okay, and in good shape, smart etc.) but he’s so full of himself it was quite astonishing.  He actually told me to SHUT UP!!!!!  Apparently, I was talking too much and what he had to say was far more interesting.  Once he told me this little story about a woman who he thought he was getting along famously with, he just confirmed my overall impression that he’s a total a**hole:  Him:   “She cancelled a date for dinner at my place about a half hour before she was supposed to show up.  Why do you think she did that?  We had two dates before that and I know for a fact she was really interested in me”.  Me:  “Well, I’d say she just wasn’t that into you and didn’t want to waste anymore time”.  Him:  “No, it wasn’t that.  I know she really liked me”.  Me: “I think she didn’t like you as much you think she did, or she would have came over for dinner”.  Him:  “No, I think she was worried about having sex with me that night – I think she may have had a mastectomy and was just too embarrassed to tell me”.

That is a for real conversation, I did not make this up. In his view of the world, that’s the only possible reason this woman could have broken a date with him and not wanted to have sex with him!  A mastectomy??? Seriously!!!!  He is one self-centred, egotistical a**hole.

As we left the bar, he asked me what I thought of him.  I told him I’d had drinks with worse, but not much.  He thought I was joking!!!!  I received a text from him:

“Interesting….Still not sure what to make of you though…. I’ll call you when I get back from Vancouver.”

Oh, you call away, I won’t be answering.

Last night had a quick drink with the most boring man on the face of this planet.  He went on and on about this other chick he really liked (who turned out to be one of my friends who has subsequently confirmed the fact that he is boring as snot!). The conversation was devoid of anything interesting.  I  felt sorry for him as I didn’t realize that a person could actually be that boring.  No wonder he is single.

And finally, I had quite an interesting night with someone who surprised me.  I went to an event with some friends.  My friend keeps trying to fix me up with various of his friends.  I’m not interested.  But, this guy I’ve met a couple of times and he is the one who is going to give me some training in that field completely unrelated to what I’m doing at the moment.  So, I asked him if he could pick me up and drive me to the event and he did.  We had a really fun night with everyone, danced, drank, laughed.  Just one of those nights where the atmosphere was fun, the music was great and the place packed.  He drove me home and came in for a drink.  Well, he stayed until 5:00 am.  Nothing happened except a lot of talking and laughing.  And the fact that this guy suddenly grabs my face and starts kissing me and holy can that guy kiss. Like seriously, seriously good kisser.  He shocked the crap out of me as I did not see that coming and I would never in a million years think he would be someone that I would kiss.  But kiss away I did.  I still don’t know what to think of this and I don’t think he actually does either – he did send me a nice text this morning letting me off the hook and putting it down to alcohol consumption and confirming that we are meeting on Thursday re the business stuff.

A little part of me really wants him to kiss me again.  But the other, more sensible part of me that actually needs to make some money will prevail here, I promise.








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