I cannot resist, just a couple of more ……

Just cleaning up my River of Crap emails.  It’s highly amusing : )

From 63 year old Norman:    Coffee? Tea? with Me maybe? a longer message uhmmm…  Roses are red, violets are blue, I repose on your read, so lets be true…. some kind of poem made..

I now have a 100 character minimum requirement before any user on ROC can contact me.  Apparently that tripped poor old Norman up.  You would think at 63 he’d have more imagination.

This next one is far more interesting.  Remember a blog or two or three ago when I thought it was time to stop ROCing due to this guy breaking a date with me at the last minute etc?  Well, I never did respond to him when he bailed on me.  His loss totally, not mine.  He has now sent me TWO subsequent emails:

Email #1. Imagine I am duely on your “crap list”, and that I understand. nonetheless, I had to share: I received an e-mail from someone with the handle “FishingCougar”. Yep,
that was the handle. She was listed as 54…which is interesting in of itself
given that I am 53. Anyway, inside the e-mail was all the things you wanted to
do to me….blah, blah, blah. Included her phone number and where she was going
to be tonight drinking, and telling me that she is “easy” when drunk.
Holy. I did respond, and hopefully not rudely, for in thinking that she must
have viewed 53 as 35 given her “handle” could not help but simply
type “Are you dyslexic?”. Probably should not have said that as not
very politically correct or cool, but hit the button and off it went. Any way,
no need to respond, hope all is well, and just need to share…

WTF is all I can say to that one.  Why do you think I care and why do you feel the need to share with someone you deemed to be unsuitable for you. I really don’t get it. I didn’t block him as didn’t think it was necessary but may have to re-think that:

Email #2.  Yes, my publisher is on my butt, which means that I am definitely writing and drinking a ton of red wine. It is early, but whatever. No, you do not need to block me as I won’t slither in through the POF / ROC channel again, but you are one beautiful girl. Whew, glad I got that off of my chest, or wherever I just got it off of…Jumpins….

WTF again??  Jesus Christ dude.  You blow me off and then you email me twice as you are clearly looking for me to engage…  Not going to happen.  And the best part is he would be humiliated if he knew his emails made my blog : )

Background on Email #3:  So this guy sent me a nice email of introduction.  I emailed him back saying thanks for the email, but that I didn’t think we would be a good match as he was really into being athletic and I wasn’t etc. etc.

So this is the response I get from him:

Email #3a: Thanks for your kind words.  I would disagree with your assessment of this situation. I simply respect and look for a woman who is active and takes pride in looking after herself. She does NOT need to be a marathon runner like myself. LOL Take care and I hope you find someone whom you deem compatible. 🙂

Email 3b (two days later, I didn’t respond to Email 3a): Strangely enough, it’s quite unfortunate that you feel the way that you do. I’d love to be out on the water kayaking with you. 🙂

So, I was at first thinking to myself, “hmm, maybe I should meet him, perhaps I am missing something here.”  And then I forgot all about him.

But then I thought about it some more after email number two and all I could think is “you are such an arrogant ass – why is it strange that some woman doesn’t want to go out with you”.  Anyway, these pretty boys are all the same and they think they are god’s gift to women and can’t believe they got rejected by someone as they probably do all the rejecting on ROC.

And yes, I did do some work today : )  Like paying work.  Plus I cleaned the downstairs of my house.  All in all a productive day!


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