Is it possible this is what normal people do when they “date”???

Well, the Russian guy who kissed my face off last Saturday night continues to interest  me.  I really have never met anyone like him before.  Funny how I blew him off in my mind the first time I met him.  I thought he was too quiet and boring.  He just was so not that bad boy type I think my heart desires.

Perhaps therein lies my problem where men are concerned – if there is no immediate sexual attraction, I am totally not interested and blow them off.  Or, after a few times of sleeping with them I think they suck and blow them off as I completely lose interest because they are either boring, stupid, shitty in bed or any combination of those three.  I am now willing to admit that it is quite possible I am missing out on nice men because of this and that every relationship I have ever had was doomed to failure because sexual attraction cannot be the singular basis for a relationship.  Jesus, did I just really write that down???

I would like to thank my friend who told me to go by the caveman rules.  I have rephrased that to something I can understand a bit better –  keep your legs closed, mouth shut and your eyes open : )

So, this is a weird thing for me.  I don’t really ever remember “dating” someone before I slept with them first. This Russian is intriguing the hell out of me.  Ever since that smoking hot kiss he laid on me last Saturday, nothing.  Well, not nothing in terms of him paying attention to me.  He’s actually paying a lot of attention to me.

So this week I had one date with a ROC guy (Tuesday night).  He turned out to be the uncle of one of my kid’s best friends.  Very nice guy.  Nothing there for me at all, but definitely I could be friends.  While out on this date, the Russian called me so I immediately cut short the date (gave work as an excuse) and met the Russian at my house.

He brought over his computer and started showing me some stuff about the business he is teaching me about.  But I was very distracted and he probably thought I was a complete moron, but he did stay and drink tea until 12:30 am.  And he told me stories about various businesses he’s been involved in that were, to say the least, wildly entertaining.  Really, I would never describe this guy as wildly entertaining, but holy he entertained me for a couple of hours…  If this guy wasn’t friends with my friend (who corroborates everything) I would think he was full of shit.  He has to be one of the most interesting men I have ever met, with killer smarts.  He is so quiet and un-self-promoting that he would fly under your radar screen unless you actually did business with him and figured out what a smart dude he is.  His smartness really, really attracts me big time.  That, and the fact he isn’t pawing me and trying to cop a feel or get me into bed.

Anyway, I digress a bit.  On Wednesday night we had a big storm and shingles blew off my roof and it started leaking. A lot.   It was actually my neighbour who noticed the shingles had blown off and told me Thursday morning. I would most likely not have noticed until serious damage was done, so big call-out to my neighbour for keeping an eye on my house – this isn’t the first time he’s noticed crap gone awry.

So, I texted the Russian on Thursday morning to see if he could recommend a roofing guy.  Well, my roof was fixed by 3:00 pm that afternoon : )  I do like a man who knows how to get things done.  I called him to see if he wanted to have coffee, and dropped by where he works with a couple of coffees and had a nice visit.  (Seriously, am I really saying I had a nice visit with a guy????).  But, he was really busy and I felt really bad for taking up his time as his phone was ringing off the hook so didn’t stay too long.  He sent me a text later telling me I was sweet to bring him coffee.  Me, sweet??  Who knew!

On Friday I had to have some minor surgery done (if you call having the lining of your uterus burned out minor).  In the grand scheme of things I suppose it is.  Got a nice text from the Russian saying he hoped I felt well.  (Obviously, I did not share details of what I was having done).

Talked to him again for a bit on Saturday night.  Today (Sunday) I was feeling up to getting out of the house and went to the mall.  Which was a complete zoo and I bailed about ten minutes after stepping foot in the place (since when do we have Black Friday in Canada that lasts a whole weekend for crying out loud?).

I ran out of pellets and as it is cold, and that is how I heat my house, I went and filled up my SUV with 15 bags of them – enough to last me for a couple of weeks.  (Way better use of time than hanging around a stupid, crowded mall with sales that aren’t really sales – I saw the coat I wanted in Winner’s last week for $20 less than The Bay sale today).  Anyway, the Russian came over for a visit, carried in the 15 bags of pellets plus showed up with biscotti and a coffee for me.  And he talked to the roofing guy to find out how it went  (I haven’t heard from the roofing guy yet) and apparently my roof lacks venting and is mushy and it’s all not good : (   This is something I need to address apparently.  Kill me now.

Anyway, we talked for a couple of hours, I found out more about him (I am the queen of getting men to talk about themselves) and he invited me to see the Hunger Games 2 (I loved the first movie!).  The fact that he remembered that I loved the first movie is a good thing, (and how that ever came up in conversation I have no idea), plus I’m quite sure it holds little to no appeal for him and he’d rather poke himself in the eye with a fork rather than go see that show : ).

I got a call a few hours after he left, inviting me out to dinner with him and two of his kids.  Believe it or not, this is the one night I made myself some food.  And it wasn’t that great and I really didn’t eat much of it.  I’m not sure if it’s just my appetite is dead at the moment (as it has been the past few months) or if what I cooked was just really shitty, but I didn’t eat much of it and most of it went in a plastic container into the fridge.  So, of course I went to the restaurant.  And I arrived there to a nice glass of wine waiting for me : )  I know, I’m smiley faces all over the place here!

To make a long story short, the two kids I met are lovely, he is lovely and I had fun.

And I ask myself, is this what people mean when they say they are dating someone?  You actually go out and do stuff and the man is thoughtful and tries to think of things to do that you may actually want to do?  And he is attentive and calls and texts you?  And is nice when you see him with no apparent ulterior motive?  Rather than trying to lure you into bed?

I hardly know what to think here – except that I am most likely going to do something to screw this up somehow.

But I do have a smile on my face : )



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