Ah, the more normal this is, the more I think weirdness has to be lurking nearby..

So, more to add to the “normal dating” chronicles.

Last night I invited the Russian over for some pizza.  He bought a nice bottle of wine with him (as opposed to the cheap bottle Sick Dog Guy tried to pawn off on me the night he came over for pizza).  We watched The Hunger Games, as plan was to go and see part two tonight.  (But we’re not as he is tired, it is raining and I do not want to leave the house and go sit in a movie theatre.  Plus, I am hungry).  So he is bringing over some food : )

Anyway, he stayed until 2:30 am!!  I’m not joking.  I nearly died when I realized what time it was.

And how did it get that late without me knowing?  Well, because I finally got some more of that fabulous kissing in with him.  It did take me looking at him saying “Are you ever going to kiss me again”.  And him saying “Yes, I was just going to do that”.

Jesus, is this all for real???

Is it possible that there is a man that is this nice?  And is it possible that I would actually want to hang out with a guy this nice??  That’s more the question, I think.  Clearly, I have serious issues with nice men, in that I don’t believe they exist in my world.  So, now that I have stumbled across a seemingly nice and decent human being who is just doing nice things for me and not trying to get me into bed, I’m feeling all suspicious that there has to be some major flaw going on with this guy.

Hmm, probably that last paragraph says way more about me than him.  But, I am trying to keep this paranoia of mine over the nice thing well under control and really give this Russian dude a chance.

Because part of me really does hope that nice guys don’t finish last.


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