Will stop tripping over myself from here on in (or not)..

The Russian dropped by again last night – this would make four in a row this week.  We had a lot of fun and laughed a lot and I got out of my own way and just enjoyed myself.  I didn’t once think of all the reasons I came up with to toss his ass out of my house.

I do admit there was a lot of wine consumed last night : )  Like two bottles.  And I probably consumed about 1.5 of them as for a Russian, this guy does not really drink like you would expect.  (Yes, a gross generalization I realize).  But, he’s a teetotaler compared to me.  And once I get a few drinks in me (or a bottle of wine) I can be quite entertaining and unpredictable, which is exactly what happened last night.

I am sticking to the caveman rules (and didn’t forget them even while under the influence) and cooling my heels, so no clothing was removed despite the alcohol consumption, the unpredictability on my part, my story telling (where I exaggerate everything completely and made him laugh his ass off) and also despite the fact I had my face kissed off once again…

He did mention in a text today that I was full of surprises.  Oh, he has no idea.

I remain chaste.  (Holy god, never thought that would be a word used to describe me).

So this is me not tripping over myself, at least yesterday and today : )



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