See I knew something had to be wrong!

Oh my God.  I think I nearly killed the Russian.  Totally unintended and only the best of intentions on my part, but Jesus Christ he is not in a good way at the moment…

I was out with the girls on Friday night (and it was one of THE BEST dinner clubs we’ve had – a smaller group this time of about 9 but holy did we laugh ourselves silly.  Plus I fixed one of the ladies up on a blind date (via bbm) with a business associate).

Anyway, we finished up around nine, and the Russian was supposed to come and pick me up but he texted me to tell me he really wasn’t feeling well and that he just couldn’t do it.  So, I got a drive over, as I thought my charming presence could do nothing but make him feel better.  Apparently I was a bit wrong on that score.

When I got there, I have to admit that he didn’t look that great.  Pretty pale and felt clammy to the touch.  How was I to know the guy is just six months out from major heart surgery and was probably feeling the effects of too many late nights out with me??

To make a long story short, we were up pretty late that night even though he wasn’t feeling the greatest.  It’s not like he kept telling me he couldn’t do it… I stayed over as after the amount of wine I consumed that night, there was no way I was taking a cab home.  (I remain chaste). He had to get up and go to his work for 8:30.  I made him late. Of course I did.  He didn’t complain.  And he bought me a coffee plus a newspaper on the way to dropping me off at home.  I think this was the first time in his life he’s ever been late for anything.

I get a FB message from my friend (who the Russian is staying with until his house is finished) asking me what I did to him as he looked really tired.  Well, obviously the Russian wasn’t complaining about anything we did during the sleepover so that’s what I told my friend.

Then I get a BBM from same friend on Saturday evening basically telling me the Russian looks horrible, he cannot stay out until 3:00 am, and that he had serious heart surgery and burning the candle at both ends would kill him.  Oh, and that he needed to take it easy for awhile (take that as stay away until he can handle you!)

Well KILL ME NOW!  I swear to God I had no idea and the Russian seemed pretty happy with how things were chugging along.  Now to hear I’m almost doing the guy in???

It gets worse.  I texted the Russian this morning.  He is at the hospital!!!  Complications over the heart surgery of some sort.  I cannot BELIEVE this!!  Seriously – is this really all down to me like my friend is implying in his bbm to me??

I feel horrible that I may have had any part in his not feeling well and ending up in emergency.  So I have a bit of a problem here.  I really do like this guy a lot.  He is so kind and lovely.  And I am so bitchy and shallow that I cannot stand the thought of being involved with some guy who may have the big one on me.  All I can picture is what if there is some kind of sexual activity going on and he DIES ON ME!!!  I can’t stand it.

So, he is going to call me soon and give me an update.  I think he is out of hospital now and supposed to be really careful for the next week or so.

You know, I’ve done a lot of things to men in my life, but nearly killing them has not been one of them.


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