This one just KILLED me!!!

So yesterday was a day of two River of Crap dates, with people who I thought showed a great deal of promise in that they are both articulate, reasonably good looking and displayed the appropriate amount of eagerness in wanting to meet me.

The first date was awesome!  It was supposed to be a coffee date and we met at starbucks.  Then he mentioned something about not liking the starbucks coffee.  So I said “we should go and have a drink then”.  And bless his heart, he was all over that in a flash and we went to the Lion’s Head and had a beer and a really funny conversation. I know, seems like a bizarre place to go on a first date type of thing but it was fun and he was fun and he is also cute and very entertaining.  Definitely, I would see this guy again, and he has already emailed me to suggest that.

But, the meeting at 6:00 pm at Mezza was a total and utter waste of my time.  I swear to God, I don’t know where some of these losers come from.  As soon as he possibly could, he worked into the conversation that one of the women he dated kept dropping hints about how good she was in bed and things she wanted to do to him.

I’M NOT JOKING!!  How he ever thought that I would possibly, in a million years find that line of conversation interesting is completely beyond me.  But it gets even better.

Apparently when he was driving this woman home, she wanted to stop at Venus Envy and buy some sex toys to take back to his place!  I just about pissed myself laughing – this guy has clearly been watching way, way too much porn.

The creep factor of this guy is so high as to be off the charts.  He is nothing but a lame loser looking to get laid, all the while thinking he is some kind of suave and sophisticated lover.  The thought of him laying a single hand on me just makes me want to gag.  I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

I am very excited about tomorrow night because I have a date with Vancouver Man!!  I’m really looking forward to finally meeting him after months of texting and a couple of phone calls.  This is my friends boss and she put us in touch back in September as she is completely convinced we will both hit it off.  As she is a good friend who would not lead me astray on something like this I have high hopes for a fun night with him.

And finally, a little update on the Russian.  I am going to go over and see him later today.  He is at the hospital having tests right now.  I really hope he is going to be okay, but I also really don’t see myself with someone that sick – all I can think of is one wrong move on my part and he’d have the big one.

So, I’m dialing this one back to a friend thing for the time being – a chippy fifty something woman is not what this guy needs in his life at the moment…



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