Jesus that was tiresome!

I had another one of those kill me now moments tonight at Mezza.

Really attractive guy.  But holy shit, I am so not ever seeing him again.  A couple of tidbits:

“I just want you to know upfront that I’m broke”.  (So, you present yourself as someone who has successful business across Atlantic Canada, yet you feel it necessary to tell me you are broke).

“I’m really shallow – I like good looking women with good bodies.”  (Me to him:  I’m 51 years old.  I have a 51 year old ass and tits – don’t let the clothes fool you).  Editorial comment:  Yes, I did say that and Yes I am an asshole sometimes.

“If you want to see me again, you are going to have to contact me.”  (Oh for the love of god – really????)

“Well, I had a really good time tonight and like I told you, if you want to see me again, you’re going to have to call me.”   (NOT GOING TO HAPPEN)

What an asshole.  So pretentious…  Name dropping and then the whole description of his ex girlfriend who apparently is famous in tv or some such thing.  Oh, and I would know her sister.  And her parents are cheap (don’t even ask).

Now I am having a cup of tea with my pretty girl!  Life is good.  xo

sadie dec 2013


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