I went to yoga this morning and decided to trust life..

Seriously! I just wrote that title!  Me!  Who is highly suspicious of yoga and was of the secret view that most people who were into it were slightly flakey…  Except for my dear friend KMS of course, who actually has been, in that wonderful way she has, mentioning yoga to me for years.  (I did go to one class a few years back, but that has been the extent of my yoga participation).

Just before New Years Eve, over a crap load of wine (I admit, I drank most of it), I agreed to go to a two hour yoga class on New Years Day.  It was definitely the alcohol talking, but I handed over my thirty bucks and promised KMS and LG I would go to the class no matter what.  Imagine their shock when I actually showed up!

I survived that class.  And went to another class.  I survived that other class.  And went to two more classes this morning, back to back.  (Well, one was something called “restorative yoga” which is probably the most relaxing thing I’ve done in the last 365 days).  Anyway, between the “Hot Power” and the “Restorative” class I had to pee.  So, I’m in the bathroom, washing my hands and I happen to notice this little print of some weird looking woman and an animal and the caption on it was:  “She woke up this morning and decided to trust life”.  I just stood there and looked at it and thought to myself “Holy shit!”  I felt like someone had slapped me upside the head.

I went back to the class and I said to KMS “You won’t believe what I just saw in the bathroom – this sign that said ‘she woke up this morning and decided to trust life’ – and I felt it right here (Me with hand on heart for God’s sake).  And KMS nodded and said “LG is the one who puts that stuff up”.

Well thank you LG for putting that up.  Because, as I said, Holy Shit that resonated with me in a huge, huge way.  And I don’t even know why.  But it did.

So, not like I’m going to just stumble around trusting life not to fuck me over, but on some level, I get what this means.

I’m signed up now for 30 days of unlimited yoga.

This is going to be interesting.

Thank you KMS.

PS:  I had another ROC date this afternoon and I actually have no comment to make on the whole thing except this:  the guy kept saying things to me like “you look really good ‘for your age'”.  Like I should be flattered with a back handed compliment like that.  No second date for him!






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