Everything happens for a reason, sometimes that reason is you’re stupid and make bad choices…

Story of my life at the moment.

I cannot believe this week.  I blame only myself for the frigging stress and drama I am currently experiencing for the following reasons a) having sex with ex after we broke up; b) agreeing to work for ex after we broke up; c) letting ex be all familiar with me at the office while doing that work; and c) being stupid and making bad choices.

Was mostly on my own today, thank god.  As soon as ex came in office it was pretty clear he was stressed out over something.  Can I hazard a guess here?  Of course I can.  He wanted to come over last night to watch SOA, but I fell asleep and didn’t get his text at 10:05 pm.  That’s the only reason I can think for the pissy mood he came into the office with.

This is the actual conversation that took place at around 3:00 pm:

Him:  It’s way too hot in here.  I can’t work in here with it like this – are you telling me this is how you like it?

Me:  Oh, sorry, go ahead and turn it down, I didn’t realize it was so warm.  I have a sweater on, I’ll be fine.

Him:  I can’t believe you can’t give me a straight answer in my own office.  Can’t you just say yes or not you like it hot.  Every time I ask you something you’re snotty.

Me:  Oh – I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

Him:  Well you didn’t answer my question about whether or not you like it this hot.  And  yesterday you forgot to put in the union dues in the software and when I pointed it out to you, instead of apologizing you were snotty and said “I know”.

Me:  If I came across like that it was unintentional.  When you were checking the file, I immediately noticed I forgot to enter them and I pointed with my finger to it and you nodded.  I didn’t realize you wanted me to apologize, so I’m sorry.

(Yes, I realize that’s probably getting a tad snotty on my part).

Him:  Well I can’t even talk to you in my own office like a normal person.

Sooooo, those are the only examples that he can give me about my inability to be properly communicative in the office.

Then he left.

Then he came back.

Then I left.

Fuck me.

I think he must be off his meds today.  Tomorrow is payday.  I’m not sure I can put up with this manic/depressive, bi-polar type of behavior from him even though I’m not dating him.  He is really a wing-nut of colossal proportions.  It’s too bad.  When he is nice he is awesome.  But you never know when nice disappears and this asshole turns up.

I just keep thinking about buying wine and paying my mortgage, but I think I will have a think on this tonight.  In the tub, with a glass of wine.

And I will also keep in mind that I am my own worse enemy : )


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