Yes, I know I am exhibiting masochistic tendencies..

Another fun week or so at the office.  Fun, fun, fun.

I nearly got fired last Friday.  The conversation was hilarious.  I had a hard time not to piss myself laughing but I thought it was possible it would inflame the situation and be detrimental to my bank account. So, in the interests of mortgage payments, wine buying, manicures and pedicures,  I managed to turn it around and we kissed and made up and then he came over to my house later that night and spent the night.

I think I now have somewhat of a handle on this guy (well, as much as you can after knowing someone who is a bit strange for only a couple of months).

I see it like this.  He is extremely smart.  Probably up there as one of the smartest men I’ve ever met.  My observation is that his personality has a tendency to repel people as unlike most of us, he actually says what he is thinking.  Which for the most part is really weird to most of us as he comes out with some completely bizarre shit as you know from my previous posts.  He is also a big picture guy.  He is totally useless with the details.  I have never seen anyone spin their wheels as much as him in my entire life when it comes to the small crap.  (Being a detail oriented person who sometimes totally lacks perspective on the big picture, this is not a criticism, just an observation).

He is totally stressed out about his businesses.  If I have to hear him say one more time to a client when he is cranky that he is going to shut down the business I am going to scream.  If I have to listen to him tell me one more time how busy he is, working his fingers to the bone and after he pays me he barely is making a profit I am going to scream. (Seriously, who says shit like that to an employee???)

If I am told one more time how much work there is to do, but I don’t have enough experience to do it I am going to scream.  If I am told one more time how I’m not stapling the paperwork together correctly, I am going to stab him in the eye with the stapler. (just so the readers know, this is the most fucking ridiculous thing anyone has ever said to me in an office – I’m so stressed out now about stapling client paperwork you can’t even imagine.  So helpful for productivity.)

He is the biggest dick I’ve ever worked for in my life.  The only reason I just keep smiling, particularly after today, is I think about my bank account.  Today was so bad.  For the second time in less than a week, he upset someone horribly.  Last week was an old lady who was reduced to tears by his comments.  Today was someone I can’t reveal to many details about.  But suffice to say, she had a question, he blew her off and basically told her to go somewhere else, no hard feelings on his part.  This poor woman really wanted to talk to him, but apparently a long term relationship with a client doesn’t call for putting yourself  out a bit and listening regardless of whether or not you can help them. Anyway after that, he left the office.  Then she looked at me and said “I can’t believe what a dick he is being”.  Well, obviously I can’t say a thing and I just looked at her.  Although I felt like crying inside that this poor woman was treated like this by the owner of the business.

I have lost so much respect for him over these two incidents.  Plus the way he treated me and everyone who came into the office today. Blah – I totally don’t have a handle on any of this.  What kind of person am I to work in this type of situation?  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s awesome, but the awesome times really don’t make up for the days he is evil (which seem to be more than the nice bits).

After being sent home two hours early, despite the fact that according to him, there is so much work to do blah blah, and after watching him and his shitty ways with clients today, I can’t believe I’m still willing to go in there and collect a pay cheque.

Yes, I am also a huge asshole for not telling him what to do, but I am so shallow I just really like paying my mortgage, buying wine, and all the personal grooming shit that goes along with being a chippy 50 something year old.   I know.  I completely suck at the moment.


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