Thank God I drank 20 ounces of wine and listened to my friend….

As KMS says – you have to keep working there as it is so wildly entertaining.

She has a point.  So this was today:

1.  He brings in the girl who worked for him last year, who he has soundly and roundly criticized to me and others for her stupidity.  I think she’s nice, but agree that she is a bit stupid.

2.  He talks to the girl from last year as if she is mentally deficient and says things like “do you actually remember anything from last year?”; or my personal favourite: “The pressure is on, I’m sitting here watching you so don’t fuck it up.”  Nice….  She just sits there and takes the abuse and I can see it completely rolls off her.

3. He sends me home two hours early so he can work with her.  He suggests I go walk my dog as I am leaving.  Really?????

4.  He makes numerous comments today about tiny little things that I’ve fucked up on (i.e. I didn’t write “Paid by cheque” on a document although there are two other ways to trace payment.  Or another personal favourite “When you write a receipt, make sure you turn the page to the new receipt.”  Seriously – you thought that was worthy of mention when I am here for hours on end by myself trying to manage clients, collect money, answer the phones, collected thousands in cash, and turned up on time at 9:00 am which no one else was ever able to do.  No, that receipt book incident was definitely what you should have focused on.

Yes, I’m being bitter now.

As an aside, you have to like a friend who notices that you called and calls you back immediately as “I know you don’t make phone calls so it must be serious” and on two seconds notice meets me in a bar so I can swill wine and vent.  Thank you KMS, you totally rock and I don’t know what I would do without you.

So, as I re-read some of the above, I am being a petty bitch I know, but holy I hate being criticized for stupid crap.  Anyway, I am waiting to be fired, will welcome it with open arms, and as KMS said, you may even want to shed a tear so that he thinks you’re devastated and it won’t blow back on you.  (Those weren’t her exact words, but that’s the gist).

Yes, that’s me, playing the humble part.  Not really.  But, in the interests of a nice and peaceful life, she is right, that is the correct strategy.  And only 20 ounces of wine to get me there : )




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