There isn’t really any way a dinner at the Keg could have been worse than this…

Holy.  That was brutal.  A little background:

I get a text this morning asking if I’m up for some work at the tax office.  I say no, I’m working elsewhere.  There’s some back and forth about the fact he slept 7.5 hours and he’s feeling better and ready for sex. And that we should chill a bit and cut each other some slack and make some money as we are too serious.

Then he invites me out for dinner. He offers to pay.  Not that I care.  Then he calls me and asks me if I can take care of his dog while he goes to the gym. I say yes.  He goes to the gym.  Then we go out for dinner.

Lots of talk about nothing.  Then I prod the hornets nest on the relationship front and holy shit did I get it in the neck big time.  I couldn’t believe it.  In order, these are my shortcomings:

1.  I am fucking my boss (at my former job) as why else would I dress up the way I did last Saturday unless I was blowing him.  (for the record, exact same outfit I had on in his office four days before).

2. I look pretty good for my age – a little bit of cellulite, but he says I can fix that and it’s not that big of a problem.

3.  I suck in bed. he can’t even get a hard on over me now.

4.  I am good at marketing, but I fucked up everything in his office and he’s never had an employee make so many mistakes.

5. He is such a caring person and I am so unfeeling it is no wonder I can’t have a successful relationship.

6. He has consulted with many people, women and men, about me walking out on him on Valentine’s Day, and I am a classless army brat, while he is a bank ,managers son, and I don’t know any better.

7.  I am a glorified secretary who just uses sex to get what I want.

8.  He couldn’t get hard for me if he tried.

9.  I am a very damaged person, who has no feelings for other people and I’m a drunk.

Well, I had a hard time not to piss myself laughing in front of him, but I didn’t think it wise.  This is the most fucked up man I’ve ever met in my life.  All he wanted tonight was for me to come back and work for him and to take him into my bed tonight.  Apparently my attempt at an honest conversation didn’t work out so well for him, resulting in the above noted shortcoming list.

And, he let slip that he has been trashing me all about town.  He told me he was a caring and loving person and I was the worst person he’s ever met in his life.  I am uncaring, no feelings and he has done all of the work in the relationship.  He still pines for the woman who bankrupted him as she loved him, they had a connection and she had his back.  It was true love except for the stealing bit.

Okay, this is done, done, done.  I know, such a lack of judgement on my part to go out with him for dinner but I was really trying to be nice.  It didn’t go how he wanted so he decided to go on the offensive.

I love myself for not saying one single bad thing to him.  I actually told him “I hope you find a way to be happy”.

I’ve never seen anyone so pissed off in my entire life as he was when he picked up his dog and left my house (and worth noting – he said there was no way he was coming in for a drink).  Like I would have invited him.

So, not sure what exactly transpired here, but clearly it didn’t go how he wanted it to go so therefore the attack.

I hope this is the end of me hearing from him.




2 thoughts on “There isn’t really any way a dinner at the Keg could have been worse than this…

  1. What were you thinking? Nope not the end at all. He is having way too much fun with you. Here is a toolkit that must be used as instructed:

    End call button on phone.
    Change his name to LOSER on your cell. Do not answer calls from losers.
    Locks on doors and windows. Do not open for assholes or losers. Not even if he is slitting his wrists on your doorstep.
    An exorcist to get this guy’s opinions of you out of your head (another date or good friend will do)
    Delete button on email. Do not reply, ever, no matter what, even if he is threatening to slits his wrists..nope not even that.
    Wine. Cause you aint no drunk, you are a lush as all your great friends are. Be proud and for fuck’s sake get this asshole out of your life. Xoxoxxo

    • Oh clearly I wasn’t thinking LMK! I will follow all of your advice to the letter. But I’m pretty sure last night was the end of it, as I let him have the last word and he left firmly believing he fired me and broke off with me as he started texting people I know to that effect. So, in letting him have that small victory, I think that will be the end of it. What a crazy, crazy man!

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