The most ridiculous text I’ve ever received (also know as: of course this is not the end of it)…

Received at 9:21 pm last night from the weird one:

“Hey, do you want to go for a beer?”

Seriously.  He sent me that text.  The man who said all of those horrible things to me the night before. I still can’t believe it.

E (my roommate) and I were home watching Bates Motel when that came in, and we just about pissed ourselves laughing when we saw it. She then thought it was time to tell me about the text messages she received from him on the night he was a shit head:

Text 1 (sent when he was probably still sitting in my driveway after the dinner disaster): “I just fired and dumped her – I had no choice, so deal with me directly on the apartment now.” (Editorial note:  E was going to rent one of his apartments from him with a couple of her friends).

Text 2 (sent about when he would have arrived home):  “A woman like her is not used to being dumped, so keep your eye on her.  She’s not stable, and even though I can’t stand her as a person,  I wouldn’t want to see her hurt herself – you just never know what she’s going to do”.

For an 19 year old, E is very smart as she never responded and told me she didn’t like the guy, he made her uncomfortable and she was definitely not renting an apartment from him now.  (And you know I am going to be blamed by him for her non response).

That poor, sad man is going to die lonely, bitter and completely certain he is right and everyone else is wrong.

Back to the text.  What goes on in his head that he would actually send me that ??????  He is a bigger fucking wing nut than I originally thought.  Obviously, I did not respond.

But I’m a bit worried I haven’t heard the last of him : (


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