Hopefully this is the last bit of weirdness, but I doubt it…

For the love of god, he actually called me last night. Of course I ignored him. So, he left me a voicemail:

“Hi it’s me, probably the last person you’d thought you’d hear from. I’m just over here in the office messing around and taking the garbage out and I’m calling for a couple of reasons if you’ll take the time to listen to this.

“S” called and wanted to know if you still wanted to get your door fixed. You told me to give him your number but that was last week before all that problems popped up between the two of us so I did make a commitment to you and I always live by my commitments and I told you I’d pay for it so I would. So if you give me the thumbs up I will tell him. He has some free time this week so you gotta give me some indication of whether I should give him your number. If not I totally understand (rest is unintelligible). (EDITORIAL NOTE: HIS DOG SCRATCHED AND RUINED MY BEDROOM DOOR SO HE WAS SUPPOSED TO GET IT FIXED ABOUT A MONTH AGO AND NEVER DID – “S”  IS THE GUY WHO IS GOING TO DO IT. I KNOW “S” AND EMAILED HIM LAST NIGHT TO LET HIM KNOW HE COULD COME OVER ANY TIME. WHY THIS ASSHOLE THINKS HE HAS TO COORDINATE THE THING, AND WHY HE WOULDN’T JUST GIVE “S” MY CELL PHONE NUMBER IS BEYOND ME)

 The second reason I’m calling is to apologize for some of the things I said on Friday night. I am a big guy and I have confidence and strength and I don’t mind saying I’m sorry. Something tells me that you think people who apologize are weak because I think I know your personality really well but it’s actually the exact opposite. I don’t like putting myself in that situation and I did lose a bit of control there. We did have some good times. I said we had no good times but we did but obviously we are not compatible but I’m sorry for those harsh words and I shouldn’t have said them and I really didn’t try to hurt you that much but possibly I did but I didn’t mean to. So I’m sorry about that. (DEFINITELY AN APOLOGY IS IN ORDER BUT I HAVE NO IDEA WHY HE THINKS THAT I WOULD THINK SOMEONE WHO APOLOGIZES IS WEAK. I GUESS THAT’S BECAUSE HE KNOWS MY PERSONALITY SO WELL.  NOT TO MENTION WHY WOULD YOU MAKE THAT COMMENT IN THE MIDDLE OF AN APOLOGY???)

 The second thing, no third thing, and you’re going to think this is bizarre but I’m going through all the resumes I received from the ad I put out on Wednesday and tax season is half over and I can’t fucking believe it. It’s ten weeks, and it’s the six week point tomorrow. But, I don’t know, I don’t think you can put this behind you, I don’t think you can or not, but I can actually, right. Personally I can put that behind me. But business wise anyone who works for me has to respectful to me and has to be a little bit friendly. “D” and I weren’t even speaking outside of the office basically, that’s how bad things got but nobody in the office even knew that. (NOTE THIS IS A GIRLFRIEND WHO STOLE FROM HIM FOR FIVE YEARS) If you think you can do that and are interested at all in making some decent money for the next five weeks and the season is over after that, that would be something I’d think about. Certainly (unintelligible, something about last Monday night when he was trying to tell me something but I hung up on him).   You need to cut the personal out of it and it’s strictly business. But the only way it would work is if you were respectful towards me and you were willing to work with me so I could actually train you, finish training you on what I want you to do and things you don’t know. That’s just something I’m going to think about and you think about it too. If you’re not interested, I understand.

 So let me know about Bernie and if you don’t want to call me text me or email or whatever and our paths probably won’t cross again and I am truly sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you if I did and you have a lot of good qualities, you really do and we just didn’t mix personally and that’s the problem there I guess, eh?

 And here’s the other thing, I really did fall for you too. I was falling in love with you fucking hard core just for the record not something I do a whole lot of. I wish you would have shown me a bit more emotion because even “B” said the vibe you gave off towards me was pretty cold and negative most of the time. (“B” IS THE WOMAN IN OFFICE WHO WORKED FOR HIM LAST YEAR, SHE IS VERY NICE, I LIKE HER DESPITE ALL THE NEGATIVE THINGS HE HAS SAID ABOUT HER) If you really did like me it would have been nice for you to show me that.

 Anyway, let me know what’s going on, especially with Bernie and anyway take care of yourself okay. Bye bye.”

Well, my sister and LMK were absolutely right that I had not heard the last of him.

I  cannot even wrap my head around the fact that as long as I promise to be a good girl he will be magnanimous and think about hiring me again. Unbelievable!

His mind is just one weird, messy cesspool of crap.


2 thoughts on “Hopefully this is the last bit of weirdness, but I doubt it…

  1. Cannot stop laughing at the insanity. He has 2 emotions – angry and crybaby (now a new emotion to describe mr. Cesspool of crap’s attempt to get control). And this is not the end. KK believes he now needs absolution and won’t stop till he gets it. Stranger than fiction…you could not make this shit up.

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