I think I can relax, he’s finally gone away for good….

No stupid texts, emails, phone calls or voicemails since the bizarre offer to rehire me if I would behave.  It’s been over a week now so I think I can finally exhale and feel fairly confident that he has gone away for good and isn’t going to contact me anymore.

I feel overwhelming relief at the thought of that – his behavior was just so bizarre and off the wall that I don’t think I’m being histrionic here when I say I had a frigging lucky escape from the clutches of a very unbalanced human being.  And that’s the end of me ever talking about him : )

So, now I’m a bit at loose ends as not working 9 hours a day frees up a great deal of time in a persons day.  It’s nice to relax but I was used to being a lot busier and the bank account is going to empty a lot faster now with no money coming in, but I still can’t get motivated enough to send out resumes and do a permanent nine to five type of thing.  The thought of it makes me want to chew glass so I think it’s a sign that I need to chill out a bit more and figure out what exactly I’m going to do with myself.

It’s a beautiful day today (finally – this has been a total shit winter that feels like it’s never going to end) so I went for a walk downtown and dropped in at my friends restaurant to grab a sandwich to take to the waterfront and eat.  A bit of a serendipitous decision on my part as ended up talking to one of his friends who has a business idea that I perhaps can become involved in managing so we are going to keep in touch on that.

I figure there are tons of way to make some cash in this world, and I’m pretty much open to anything as long as it doesn’t end up with me being thrown in jail.

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the gym as well and am starting to see some muscles!  I hired a personal trainer before I quit the job, and am really glad I did that.  She is working me hard and I am really enjoying it.  I actually went to the gym FOUR TIMES last week – an absolutely unheard of thing to do for a lazy person who hates exercise like me.  It would have been five times, but wine drinking and two late nights on Friday and Saturday nights pretty much tanked my plan of gym going on Saturday or Sunday.

I had an unexpected text from some guy I was corresponding with when I was on POF, but we just never managed to get together.  So, I decided what the hell when he texted me on Saturday and said yes, let’s meet.

It was a fun night, he’s a nice, successful, slightly older man.  With a pot belly though which I find really, really unattractive in a man.  Plus, he was married 28 years before his wife dumped him and I don’t think he has any idea whatsoever what he wants to do where women are concerned.  Anyway, no attraction to him on my part at all, but he was good company and we drank three bottles of wine (resulting in my laying around on the couch watch “Boss” all day Sunday) and it was a good way to spend a Saturday night.  It really is too bad that I can’t somehow just will myself to be attracted to someone like him.  He was totally into me, he’s successful, has a big job, nice personality, etc. etc. but clearly I only like asshole men!

So, no second date with this guy as it would just be mean on my part to do that.  On the upside, I am still hanging around and golfing with the firefighter guy I met on POF (another really nice guy who is fun to hang around with but not my type).  We are going to the golf simulator this week to bash some balls around and drink some beer.

This is the upside of being unemployed – golfing and drinking beer in the middle of the afternoon on a work day : )

And so time marches on. I still don’t know what I want to do with my life, except that at the moment it doesn’t involve a soul sucking job just to make some money.  I suppose that’s a start.



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