Who knew my friend’s ex-husband was so hot????

Well, I’ve accomplished SFA since my last post that would be considered remotely productive or conducive to actually finding a job. And ridiculously enough, I can’t even really get myself all worked up and stressed out over the fact I’m being a lazy ass on that front.

On the upside, my economizing is working out really, really well.  I went and bottled two more wine kits at Noble Grape and bought another one so I will have some ready for the summer.  And, I’m not even complaining any more about the lack of expensive wine in my life now.  It’s all about the economizing : )

So, my ever changing, stupidly weird love life took a turn for the better last weekend in the most unexpected way.

I was supposed to go out on Friday night with a bunch of women I didn’t really know, but it seemed like way, way too much work so in the interests of saving money, I went to the liquor store, bought a $25 bottle of wine (rationalizing it as an act of actually saving money by not going out), and watched season three of Downton Abbey instead.  It was so relaxing and pleasant, and I woke up in the morning and even went to the gym and worked out, I felt so good.

Which set me up very nicely for the rest of my day of sloth and partying.  I read news papers, had a bath, primped and got all dressed up to go to a friend’s birthday party.  When I walked into Cut, I immediately noticed a handsome man sitting at the table.  This was a party for my friend (Friend 1), a different friend’s (Friend 2) kid, and some other person I didn’t know.  I was saved a seat between my two friends who introduced me to everyone at the table.  Turns out handsome man (HM) is the ex-husband of Friend 2. (Now that I reread that, it seems I am less than articulate in trying to explain the situation!)

Of course I am totally interested in talking to HM but I wasn’t really sitting close enough so there was a lot of eye contact and smiling on my part going on. After dinner we all headed to the Casino to go dancing.  Lucky for me, HM decided to go.  I asked him to dance.  And he said yes.  So we danced, drank and had a frigging awesomely fun hour or two.  Then it was time to go to the Pacifico, where we were in some private lounge thing.  The appeal of that place escapes me as a 50 something year old. But I have to admit the tequila shots were an excellent accompaniment to the evening, and resulted in HM and me getting reamed out by Blondie, one of Friend 1’s guests.  (I put it down to the fact that she is pissed that I got to HM before she did, but I could be wrong).

So, what precipitated the reaming out was pretty fun.  HM and I (or maybe more me, I’m a bit fuzzy on that) drank  a substantial number of shots and then some kissing started to happen and then suddenly I found myself in his lap in a passionate embrace that apparently totally pissed Blondie off.  She told us we were wrecking the party by our inappropriate behavior and we should smarten up.  I felt like telling her to go fuck herself, but thought that probably wasn’t the best thing to do in light of the fact it was a birthday party and everyone was supposed to be having fun, so we just left.

As an aside, Friend 1 and HM’s two kids were there.  None of them seem too fussed over the whole thing.  Friend 2 didn’t join us, but her parting words to me at the Casino were “He’s not your type, he’s broke, and I know that’s not what you want”.  She does know me well, but I was intrigued by this guy and plus a little adventure never hurt a woman.  Not to mention that I find the guy incredibly hot.

To make a long story short, it was a really fun night.  We had lunch the next day.  I found out more about him.  Well, he tells me he is a Christian!  Believes all the stuff we learned in Sunday school about Jesus. All I could think is “yes, this is what you want to hear about a guy you have the hots for”. So, of course I am more intrigued than ever as he isn’t like any of these other religious people that I’ve ever met who can be sanctimonious pains in the asses who think sex and alcohol have no part in a decent life.

Fast forward to this weekend.  We have basically been together since Thursday night.  It’s been the most fun weekend I have had with a man in forever.  He cooked breakfast for me one morning and dinner for me last night (he is a fabulous cook).  We drank some wine. We went hiking. We walked my dog and held hands. He did really cool card tricks for me.  He taught me how to play Crazy Eight Countdown and Backgammon. We watched movies. We laughed our asses off.  I  feel good when I’m with this man.

So, I am working hard to keep my natural born cynicism where men are concerned at bay, and am just going with the flow : )




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