So this is what it feels like when karma bites you in the ass…

My baby girl (well not really a baby, but I can’t  help but thinking about her as my baby as I only gave birth to one) came home today from university.  We are very close.  We talk on the phone all of the time.  We text all of the time.  Her father wasn’t much of a father, so I’ve been her emotional and everything else support for years.

She’s in a five year program as she has to work a semester, then school for a semester, and so on and so on.  So, I don’t see her much anymore.  I hate it, but I really love that she is doing what she wants to do and seems so happy doing it.

She is home for a week, and then back to school.  I have been SO excited about her coming home.  I haven’t seen her since I met her in Calgary in  February so we could visit my parents.

I picked her up at the airport and we both cried and hugged and it was wonderful to have my arms around my kid again.  We got home, had a quick visit and then suddenly her friends came over. What can I say, it was all prearranged I’m sure, as soon as I booked her flight.

I remember when I went away to school and I came back and I told my mother “I’m going to hang out with you tonight and drink wine”.  And my mother bought wine and stayed up until midnight waiting for me to come back from “coffee with my friends”.  I was actually swilling beer with my friends and never gave my mother a thought.  I still remember how mad my mum was at me for blowing her off.  I always thought to myself “I’m never going to give my kid a hard time like that – what does she expect me to do when I come home”.

So, there you have it.  It finally happened.  Exactly the same age as I did it to my mother!  My girl comes home, I make her a snack, give her a beer, give her friends some beer, and they decide to move on a couple of hours later.  Despite the fact that “I’m going to hang around with you mum until you decide to go to bed and then we’re all going out”.  Ah, the good intentions of youth.

Now, I have to say they had the good grace to invite me along, and I had the good grace to decline.  Despite the fact that I want to spend time with my daughter, I’d rather chew glass than do whatever it is they are up to tonight.

But, I miss her and feel a bit lonely at the moment.  Probably the exact same way my mum felt when I blew her off.


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