I went to church, nothing bad happened and it wasn’t overly weird…

So, where to begin….

My lovely daughter and I had an amazing visit full of dinners with people, beer, wine, a tattoo (hers), hours spent talking and me appreciating the fact that my little girl isn’t really a little girl anymore.  And now she is gone.  And my student room mate is gone.

I have my house to myself!!!!!!!!  It is so awesome to be here all alone I cannot even explain.  Too bad the house is too big for one person, and my roof is leaking and pissing me off, but I find wine puts everything in perspective, so I’m good.

Now, things with Handsome Man are moving along in a very different way than I am used to.  We do stuff.  He cooks for me. We don’t spend every second together.  He is very devout in his beliefs, but not in an overbearing, weird way because he is totally into sex and has no problem with drinking multiple bottles of wine in a night.  So I asked him about it – like aren’t Christians supposed to have more self control or something?  He admitted he was just weak when it came to these delightful past times, so I can work with that.  He also told me it wasn’t a deal breaker for him if I didn’t find God, as long a I respected his beliefs.

So, those of you who know me cannot believe I am with someone like this.  I know what you’re thinking:  “What the hell is this woman doing????”

This is what I think I’m doing:  I’ve met a really nice man.  He is handsome and kind and treats me amazingly well.  He is attentive, cooks for me, calls me sweetheart, is a great lover, is happy to watch a movie with me, go for a walk, and I think he is the kind of man who would be very devoted to me as long as I don’t do my usual thing of screwing things up.

He organized a trip for us to go to PEI on the long weekend to golf and hang out in a five star cottage.  I didn’t have to do ONE SINGLE THING to organize this.  He told me all I have to do is show up.  I can work with this.

I find this all very confusing because he is not my usual type so really I shouldn’t be liking him, but there is something very genuine, generous and loving about him that appeals to my heart.  So I am going to keep an open mind.  I even went to church with him on Sunday.  And it really didn’t suck. Good music, no boring speeches and the place was packed to the rafters.  And the best part was what he said to me:  “I’m really glad you came, but if you decide to never come again, it won’t make me like you less”.

If you told me a year ago I’d be dating a guy like this I would have laughed in your face.



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