Yes, I should be working but wine was more compelling…

Just for the record, I did lots of work today as follows:

  1. Went to the bank and talked to a teller about something I couldn’t do with a machine or online  (I never do this, now I see why – she actually asked me what the balance on my mortgage was, which has sfa to do with what I was in there for – nosey bitch);
  2. Went to Sephora and bought a magnifying mirror as it seems when you are as old as I am a regular mirror no longer works.  Sadly, it didn’t come with the four batteries it needs to actually light up (I couldn’t read the fine print on the box so didn’t realize batteries were not included – I really, really hate getting old).  Anyway, while I was there I also bought some “hydrating serum” – it was expensive so I will use it and if I don’t look more hydrated and less haggard in two or three days, they are getting it back.
  3. Went to MAC and bought two “whirl” lip pencils.  I need one for my purse and one for my bathroom.  I have been inconvenienced enough trying to cheap out and only have one pencil going at a time – my purse is downstairs and my bathroom is upstairs and it just peeves me off totally every morning that I don’t have one in my bathroom.
  4.  I wandered around the Michael Kors store and laughed my ass off (inside of course) at the pretentious, and slightly stupid young women working in the store who tried to engage me in conversation about the merits of the various highly over-priced bags they saw me looking at.
  5. I did some actual real work as well.  But it’s kind of boring to write about, and no one really cares.  But on the upside, I am very busy these days, so that is a good thing.

So, got screwed around with one of the companies I am doing work for.  I am not a happy camper.  This is the conversation (keep in mind, they asked me to come in and do the work on an urgent basis and no conversation about not being paid ever occurred until I was submitting an invoice):

Boss:  (Comes into my office, sits down, and cozies up to the desk).  So, how were you thinking  you’d like to be paid for this?

Me:  Cheque is fine.

Boss:  Well, you know we don’t really have any money to pay you, maybe you could just add it all up and we can talk at the end of the month – maybe give you some shares.

Me:  Well, I don’t really have a lot of money, and I would like to be paid.

Boss:  You know the situation, we really appreciate that you’ve done this, but we’re conserving cash and you know how it is.  We’ll sort it out.  Anyway, you have lots of money don’t you?


I told my friend about this and he advised me to get triple the amount of paper in the company if that’s how they want to play it.  I’m severely pissed off about this as I’m sure you can tell.  And just what I need, more worthless stock in my portfolio of mostly worthless stocks.

So, enough of the job drama.  That’s the only one that’s got me irritated, everyone else I do work for is appreciative and actually cough up a cheque once a month.

Now to the relationship drama.  No, I have not broken off with him.  Yes, I am going to meet his family next weekend.  For one night only.  Then I’m driving back to the city for a party on Saturday night which I will be attending on my own.  Really, I have no idea what I am doing.  I’ve read that you can lose your mind when you are approaching menopause, so maybe that’s what’s going down here.

All I know is that he is just sweet and he actually came over on Sunday and helped me nurse my hangover from the girl party I had the night before (without him) and he fed me and took care of me.  That’s the kind of guy you want when you get old and feeble – one who will take care of you.  I discussed this with my mother, and she told me when you are old (she’s 76) it’s really nice to have someone around who has your back and will take care of you.  I get that.  But, that’s a long time from now, and how you get from how I’m feeling now, to there, is a complete mystery to me.

Now that I’ve vented and drank a glass of wine I’m feeling much better.





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