I am a technological idiot…

So, I signed up for a twitter account (although what I could possibly have to say on a daily basis that would be remotely interesting still escapes me, but I’m all about learning the social media crap now) and tried to link it on this blog.  And it didn’t work. Even after several attempts. I understand my thousands of blog followers must be chomping at the bit to follow me on twitter so you can find me here:  @ChippyNSChick.

I definitely need my room mate to help me with this as she is young and knows this stuff – she showed me how to do that sidebar thingy  on this blog where I’m inviting chippy males to contact me.  Which didn’t work as not one single one has so far, but at least I know how to put crap in the sidebar now.

Anyway, tonight I went for a two hour kayak around the northwest arm.  It was so hot out, and rather than hang around my backyard being morose over all the crap that went wrong at work today, I thought I’d do something besides my default of lay in a hammock and drink a bit of wine to take the edge off.  I’m not certain I came back in a better mood, but at least it was the most productive thing I did today.

I am working with some genius people at one of my clients.  I’ve never been in the position before where I am actually the stupidest person in the company.  Which is how it is with this place.  These people are like aliens from another planet to me.  They do things like gather around the chessboard in the hallway and have this game going on that takes forever, and they’ve split themselves up into teams.  I overheard them today discussing strategy, and “that was a good move” type of thing and I understood SFA.  I mean, I know how to play chess, but they are on a completely different level from me.

So, back to what went wrong at work.  I feel like I wasn’t detail oriented enough for my extremely detail oriented boss and he pointed out to me something that I should have picked up.  So, I felt like a total idiot. And really, there is no point saying “that is not what you asked for, I gave you what you asked for” as that would make me look like a bigger idiot.  But the worse part was when we were going to Skype someone from his office and he didn’t have their contact information and I said “oh, he’s a contact of mine, I’ll get it”.  Well, on my Skype he shows up as his name.  Apparently there is also a Skype ID, which is fine, but only his name showed up in my Skype.  By the time I figured this all out and went back to the bosses office, he already had searched it out.

I know these are just stupid, shit things in the grand scheme of life, but I hate being the stupidest person in the office!  I bet anyone there, even the 18 year old intern, would know how to make a twitter feed work on this blog..


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