Jujubes and Red Wine – a perfect dinner…

That’s what I love about being a grown up.  I can eat whatever I want, whenever I want, and no one says anything whatsoever to me about it.

I am completely out of sorts and I just knew, deep down in my soul, that red wine and jujubes would fix that.  And it kind of did. I would like to personally thank whomever it is that bottles McManis – this is the first time I’ve tried their Petite Sirah 2011 and I really like it and it has improved my mood dramatically.  I would also like to thank the people who put the candy in the bulk bins at the grocery store, as I was able to sift out all of the green ones so had a nice bag of all the ones I like.  (It’s a long story but I would actually probably throw up if I ate a green jujube).

I feel like a psycho bitch on wheels.  How is possible that I am still completely at the mercy of my hormones at my age.  Shouldn’t I be in menopause right now?  WTF is it that I am STILL having periods at my age for god sake.  Everything is making me grouchy.  Plus, it’s nothing but rain and fog and disgusting humidity lately, and the summer is going by too fast and I’m accomplishing sweet fuck all.  Maybe that’s a bit harsh, but I seriously could have accomplished way more by this point in August if I did less laying around reading and drinking wine in the hammock and more of whatever it is really go-getter people do.

Not to mention I keep going out with unsuitable men and wasting my time on them. It’s like I can’t resist doing this.  My dermatologist’s wife told me last week that I need an older (read “old”) man who will appreciate me.  She is convinced if I go up to 60-65, I will find a man who will adore me, plus be able to keep me in the style I am convinced I should be accustomed to.  Maybe she is right.  I need to think on this a bit more, as the thought of doing it with a 65 year old has the same affect on me as eating green jujubes.  Not that I have had that experience, but the visual is not good.  Maybe it’s just because I haven’t met a fit one yet.

Plus, I think I have another mouse under my fridge.  And I broke up with the guy who pulled the fridge out and disposed of all of the mouse shit and the dead mouse under there the last time this happened, so I have no idea what to do here.  I can’t pull the stupid fridge out as it’s too big and heavy, and even if I did I would literally puke my guts out if there is another dead mouse there.  So, I’ve initiated email contact with the ex and hopefully if I buy him a drink or something he’ll do me a solid and fix this situation.  I suppose if worse comes to worse I can call an exterminator.  Maybe they can also get rid of the fruit flies and ants that seem to like my house this summer.

And finally, yes, I am still doing some work.  Fortunately being self employed leaves me a lot of latitude to be a lazy bitch when I want.  As long as I put nose to the grindstone and meet deadlines when I need to it’s all good.  Leaves lots of time for hammock laying and wine drinking and book reading : )

What I ate for supper


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