My vacation reduced to two photos and a couple of bullet points…

I went on and on about the hot Italian wearing Prada in my last post, so no more about him until I get back from my next trip to Cuba where I will spend an entire week hanging out with him, sharing a room with him, and hopefully having a shitload of fun with him.

Mata Hari (who is probably the most stunning woman I have ever met in my life) and I had an amazing time in Cuba.  Anything weird that could have happened did, and I am posting a few select highlights:

1.  Mata Hari got smacked in the face by a drunk from Toronto who literally drooled big gobs of saliva out of the corner of his mouth, he was that wasted.  Kind of like a Newfoundland dog.  Mata Hari was actually taking pity on him and holding a napkin to the corner of his mouth in the hopes it would stem the flow and prevent him from looking like an even bigger asshole than he already was.  Apparently, by smacking her, he was teaching her a lesson about how the world works.  She smacked him back. And we told all of his wife and his friends what he did.  I guess that’s a regular occurrence with him.  Kind of like a trademark drunk thing.  Kill. Me. Now.

2.  Hot Italian has an acquaintance who was on the same plane back to Toronto with him.  He (the acquaintance) spent a few hours in our room sleeping while waiting to go back to the airport.  He met Mata Hari briefly and had a huge desire to hook up with her after a 3 minute conversation.  That was the extent of the interaction between the two of them.  Mata Hari is so out of his league, I give him props for actually having the balls to write this note!  She woke up to this on her pillow next to her head:

Cuba Mata Hari Note

I swear to God it is not possible to make this shit up.

3. I guess in Cuba the whole towel folding into animal shapes is a popular thing for the maids to do. Ours took it to a new level, and did this with two wool blankets:

Cuba Blankie Sculpture

To say we nearly had hysterics over the two penises on our bed is a complete understatement.  Again, you cannot make this shit up.

There was a whole lot of other stuff, but it falls under the “code of the road” category : )

Can hardly wait to get back to Cuba!



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