Martinis fix everything…

Weird karma has been floating around me all day and I don’t like it:

1.  Daughter calls me this morning to tell me that I don’t care anything about her life except how well she does in school.  And she refuses to tell me how she did on her midterms as “none of my friends parents ever ask about their marks and they think it’s weird that you do”.  Do I seriously have to take this kind of shit from my kid??

2.  At a client’s office today.  He is acting very shifty and can’t look me in the eye.  There is something going on – I just know it but can’t put my finger on what it is.  Not that he has any obligation to tell me, but he owes me a crap load of money (which he could have completely mitigated by giving me some stock options, but he didn’t), and when my antennae is sniffing something not right, I’m usually bang on.  This bears watching.

3.  I discovered today that my old dog is having a wonderful time eating her frozen poop in the back yard.  I could just barf. It’s not like she’s being starved to death.  I feed her organic raw food and an abundance of treats, yet she still feels like she has to eat her own shit??  (Yes, I realize I could be running out in the backyard every day, slogging through four feet of snow, and cleaning up the dog poop but I actually have better things to do – I can’t articulate what they would be, but I know it’s better and more fulfilling than cleaning up crap).

4.  I went on a blind date on Saturday night at the insistence of someone at my gym who thought we would be absolutely perfect for each other.  I have heard of him, so agreed.  He picked me up wearing sneakers and old man jeans.  I guess that would be because he is 64. Yes, I know I am being a completely shallow bitch, but I cannot stand it when men wear sneakers outside of the gym. And  tapered type of jeans not seen since the 80s.  Anyway, he keeps calling me today and not leaving a voicemail.  Perhaps he doesn’t realize that I have caller ID and can actually see who and how many times someone has called me in the span of a day??

See what I mean?  It’s just a weird day.  Nothing really bad happening but I just don’t like the vibe.  So, I mixed myself up a nice martini, parked myself on the couch with my poop eating dog, and the world suddenly was a happier place…

martini sadie


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