I Am a Banana – Stand Too Close and I’ll Rot

I love this post…

I Quit Dating

One minute you have a beautiful bunch of green bananas and the next they’re ALL a bundle of mush.

How many times has this happened to you?

I never inquired, I never thought about it, I just thought, “This must be life as a banana” until I met a very helpful cashier at Trader Joe’s who eyed my duet of bananas and said, make sure you keep the ripe one away from the green one!


He said, “Yes. Not only should you (un)bunch them, but you should keep them away from each other because one will eventually ripe the other due to the ethylene gas that it leaves off.”

I believed him. Trader Joe’s always seems to have those people who know what they’re talking about, however being the sceptic that I am and before I isolated my bananas to opposite sides of the kitchen, I Googled it and sure enough, he was right.

I then…

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