Chippy Fifty Something Chick is still unattached and clueless…

So, I just read the profile thingy on wordpress that I came up with two or so years ago (I am actually clueless with how this whole blog thing is supposed to work and how you are supposed to make money doing this, because I’m pretty sure people must be making cash writing their crap, but I know I’m not. Most likely because I’m the only one who thinks I’m interesting and I ramble way too much and too many stupid men are involved). Anyway, this is what it says: “Despite my best intentions, I find myself unemployed, unattached and completely clueless about how the rest of my life is supposed to unfold”.

I guess I can say I took a step forward since I started the blog in that I was able to make it work being self- employed and can pay the bills and the mortgage.. But the rest of it’s pretty much the same. I suppose 33.33% progress is better than nothing.

Upon reflection, I think there’s nothing I can do about the unattached. I’ve reached the age where I’m far, far too chippy and unforgiving of male flaws to actually be able to stand having a relationship anymore. Booty calls for sure, actual grown up relationship, I’m not seeing it.  So really, I’m only going to be able to advance another 33.33%.

So, in the interests of personal growth, I have joined a gun club and I’m going to shoot shit all winter. Something about a semi-automatic handgun on a gun range does it for me. (And no, I am not doing this to meet men).

And as step two of my personal growth, I want to go on a trip between Christmas and New Years and do something different. Not my usual sit by a pool, drink all day and meet hot men type of vacation. (Did I just write that – it actually sounds like a fun way to spend a week – I’m not sure what I mean by this).

Warning – don’t ever google “50 plus adventure travel” unless you want to feel old. Happy grey haired couples, sites with names like “eldertreks” blah, blah, blah. Since when does being 50 something put you in the category of “senior”? God, I really just want to kill myself now – I still think I’m hot, but maybe all 50+ women think they are and I’m just being delusional and should probably be going to “eldertreks” to plan my vacation..

Anyway, I thought about how much I loved Crystal Crescent Beach this summer, and all the cool people I met there, and I’ve decided I‘m going to investigate naked vacations. So perhaps my usual sit by the pool, drink, and meet hot men type of vacation will be just that much more fun if everyone is naked. And I definitely won’t be going anywhere where “elder” “senior” or “blue” feature heavily in the advertising.

I do fully realize that gun shooting and naked vacations are not most people’s idea of personal growth, nor does it make me any less clueless than I was two years ago.

Somehow, though, I think it will be fun.


5 thoughts on “Chippy Fifty Something Chick is still unattached and clueless…

  1. The Naked lifestyle is something worth thinking about and it can change and improve your life in ways people cannot imagine. Suddenly seeing the nature and wildlife in a new light and having a renewed sense of well-being helps to negate all the bad things in life. I’m 51 and unemployed too (not single though) and over the past 5 years this lifestyle has help me deal with enormous stresses in my life.

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