That was more fun than a barrel of monkeys…

I’ve finally found a hobby (besides the ridiculous amount of reading material I plow through during any given month) that I am going to absolutely love.

I mentioned in my last blog about joining a gun club. Well, you are looking at a card carrying member of the Scotia Gun Club!  And I bought my first box of rounds (.22).  500 bullets : )  And shot 250 of them on Saturday afternoon.  And now plan to go to that gun range every Saturday for the rest of the winter.

She Shoots!

(Yup, I realize that thumb position is pretty shitty..)

It was completely relaxing. I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced a better way of getting my mind to go that zen-like.  I drove out to the range thinking about that stupid man, and after two hours of shooting, I had this huge feeling of well-being and happiness.  I was so relaxed. There was nothing but me, the handgun and the target.  I went through three targets and tried two different handguns plus a revolver.

And this is bragging, but the range officer assigned to help me, and the guy in the spot next to me mentioned that they were a tiny bit impressed with my skill in actually hitting the target and managing to do some grouping. i.e. I aim at the same place every time, and a bunch of bullets actually go to that same place I was aiming.  So, I found that quite gratifying.  Nice to get a compliment that has nothing to do with how you look.

One of my targets

One of my targets

So, I’ve signed up for a beginner handgun course in November. With the eventual goal of being good enough to shoot in competitions at some point.  I’m also going to buy a handgun once I figure out what kind I want – the good thing about this place is you can rent them, shoot them, with no commitment to buy them.  I’m going for the 9mm Glock next Saturday, and might even get some practise with a long-gun considering it is hunting season, and that time of year where I walk around the woods with my favourite boys with a gun, but never manage to actually shoot anything but trees.

I’m a happy camper that I found something this fun to do : )


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