A face full of Botox, Restylane and don’t even get me started on Brazilians…

So, you probably think this is some kind of rant against women who pay a lot of money to get shit injected into their faces and rip all the hair off their pussies. Nope.  Not at all.

I admit it fully… I went to Dr. Miller today feeling like a menopausal, ugly, tired looking crone who was past her prime and probably should just be shot to put herself out of her misery; and left feeling like a new woman…   I don’t know about this growing old gracefully thing, maybe some people can do it, but holy shit it’s not my thing.

I’m definitely a high maintenance woman when it comes to my personal grooming. There is no questions about that.  Hair done every three weeks, nails and pedicure every two weeks, waxing every two or three weeks, and I used to get those awesome eyelash extensions until I developed a horrible allergy to the glue, so regretfully gave them up.  But, I have subsequently discovered there is such a thing as “fibres” you can layer in with your mascara and voila – almost the same effect.

I know I sound like a complete idiot. But, it’s in my DNA to primp and have nice clothes and hot shoes and I just really don’t see that changing, ever.

On the upside, I have drawn the line at any more Brazilians. I have decided that I like my hair and I’m not ripping it out anymore. Who made the rule that a hairless vagina was the only way a woman can look sexy?  I actually don’t get it.  So, I am rebelling and what you see is what you get now.  I’m tired of men, magazines, and porn telling me how my vagina is supposed to look. I’m going to rock a 70’s bush from here on in – it’s way, way sexier : )

I love how this weekend is starting out. And tomorrow, I’m going to shoot shit at the gun range.

My life is good.


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