The most fun you can have with your clothes on…

In one word: Guns

I was in the valley with my red neck boys on Saturday and Sunday, and when they are involved, the guns come out, and the fun begins. God I love these guys – they tease me, mock my taste in men, let me shoot their guns until I can’t shoot anymore, plus they buy me dinner and supply me with as much alcohol as I want to drink.  And to top it all off, they never hit on me or have any expectation that I should have sex with them as repayment for all of this awesomeness.  That’s some seriously nice friends I have there.

We were supposed to go deer hunting, but had to change the plan due to circumstances that were mostly down to me. Anyway, thanks to them, I spent Sunday afternoon with a Ruger, a scope, a 30 round magazine that was filled more times than I can count, and shot the shit out of a whole lot of apples, targets, and even made some pop cans dance : )  It was beyond fun.  Particularly when I had a whole lot of shots like this:


And no, I wasn’t ten feet away – I did that from 75 yards!!

I’m still excited about it and that was four days ago. So you can only imagine how beyond excited I am that I got this last night:


Well, I am 100% hooked! Not to mention that I have found my new hobby – getting really, really good at shooting handguns.  Of course, as I would do, I pick an expensive hobby that is a bottomless money pit, not to mention the 45 minute commute in my gas guzzling vehicle every time I want to shoot a gun.

But, all worth it – this really is the most fun you can have with your clothes on, hands down! And actually, not something you could do naked as holy shit that would have the potential to go south quickly – picture hot bullet casings hitting delicate, naked flesh as they are ejected from the gun.  (As an aside, do nudists/naturists ever carry guns, and if they do, how does that work?)

So, in the interests of keeping the economy going, I am signed up for the Holster course next week, and the Level 2 pistol course in December.  Chippy NS Chick is going to rock that range!  And, I’m pretty sure my Christmas gift to myself this year is going to be a stunning new handgun, type yet to be determined.

There. An entire blog and not one man drama or complaining man word written : )